Moving from one point to the next in Nigeria is a big chore. Our roads are so bad, air transportation is almost non-existent, our waterways are only useful in areas where they connect foreign vessels, our train network nearly does not exist. But Nigeria has the man power and earning potential to ensure our transportation systems work.

Road Transportation

I propose to use existing road maps in Nigeria to plan a new road network for the entire country. We will take into account the needs and peculiarities of our different communities, the current and projected traffic volume in each area, and the cultural preservations of each community to determine where new roads need to be built, and how to efficiently renew all existing roads which have fallen into disrepair.

My administration will enter multiple Public-Private-Partnerships (“PPP”) with proven, renowned and completely reliable road construction companies in Nigeria and rest of the world. The rehabilitation of our old roads, and the construction of new ones in Nigeria was long overdue. The time to build safe and extensive road networks in Nigeria is now.

Air Transportation

Nigeria has several airports, but hardly any of them meet the standards we see when we travel abroad. We have had and still have many airlines, yet none of them can offer the level of services we experience when we travel abroad with foreign airlines. We will change this.

We will enter Build-Operate-and Transfer (“BOT”) arrangements with companies in Nigeria and all over the world who have the proven expertise to build world class airports, runways and duty free shops within the airports in record time.

We will provide strict regulatory guidelines for airlines in Nigeria to follow in dealing with passengers in situations of delays or cancellation of flights. We will raise the bar for airline operators in Nigeria, however we will also make the conditions for entry and participation in the business of safely carrying Nigerians and her visitors from place to place easier.


Railway will be the safest method of carrying commuters and cargo from place to place in Nigeria, yet we do not have a functional, not to mention a reliable railway system in Nigeria. We will change that.

Just like our roads and airways, we will revitalise the Nigerian railway systems. We will enter BOT agreements with companies that can design and build an enviable railway network for Nigeria. Nigerians will be able to commute from State to State in record time if they choose to remain in their local communities while they work in larger cities. Distance will not be the reason our people decline the work they really want to do.


Water as a means of transportation in Nigeria requires urgent attention. Our seaports are in disarray, other waterways are few and far in-between, and much of the routes are completely neglected.

We will facilitate development of safe and comfortable water transportation systems in Nigeria by embarking on dredging projects where needed, the construction of dams, channelization and canalisation of our rivers. The riverine areas will specifically benefit from all the development and investments because both their local trades, and the inflow of tourists will ensure they are earning their keeps locally. Using the rivers and seaways, they can take people from corner to corner in their own communities as a means of livelihood. We will therefore create more jobs for Nigerians.