My Government will support and power public & private investments in science, technology, and research. We will use information & communication technology (ICT) to create good jobs in every community in Nigeria.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are fundamental to our future economic growth in the ICT industry. This will trickle down to our energy, manufacturing, transportation, health, retail, services, and all other sectors. With proper investments in ICT, we will nurture the next generation of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, to make sure Nigeria is posed to innovate and compete with the rest of the world in every sector.

New technologies are already transforming global economy, because they work and they have the power to generate trillions in economic output. We will use ICT to educate our people, train our workforce, support entrepreneurship, promote inclusion in the digital economy, attract and retain talented people in public office, invest in research and development, innovation hubs, and get fresh ideas to market.

Technology as a Tool to Combat Inefficiency and Corrupt Practices

High-speed Internet Connectivity should not be a luxury in Nigeria. I believe it is a necessity for our future economic success, social mobility, education, health care, and public safety.

To afford each Nigerian an opportunity to help us build an efficient government, we will strive to connect every household in Nigeria to high-speed broadband at an affordable rate, and help institutions offer free WiFi to the public.

We will therefore push for a free and open internet, but will however protect the intellectual property rights of artists, creators, and inventors in the ICT industry.

Encouraging Students to Learn Extensive ICT Skills

I believe we need to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn computer science by the time they graduate from secondary school. At the primary and secondary school levels, basic computer skills must be part of the curriculum.

I believe we must use IT innovation to promote grassroots participation in policy issues, and enhance opportunities to achieve greater economic self-sufficiency for Nigerians, especially people with disabilities.