I am committed to improving standards in the area of the physical, and mental health and well-being of every Nigerian. I believe that health care is a right, not a privilege, so our health care system has to put Nigerians first.

My administration will fight for a comprehensive system of primary health care delivery which will include dental and mental health care. We will improve federal and state hospitals. We will provide funding for qualified community health centres to be built across all local communities in the country.  We will ensure these health centres are well equipped and supported by qualified workforce in each community based setting.

We will also provide training and support to this workforce, encourage private health providers to work with our rural communities through our National Youth Service Corps and other institutions. We will create a comprehensive strategy to increase the pool of primary health care professionals in Nigeria, and by this – significantly increase the number of our men and women who are gainfully employed.

We must renew and expand our existing facilities, however emphasis will be laid to developing these community health centres; community mental health centres, family planning centres, and accident and emergency clinics near all major roads in Nigeria.

These health centres will provide critically important community based prevention and treatment in our cities, towns and villages. They will aid accident victims in situations of emergency, and help Nigerians learn basic facts on how to provide proper care for our elderly, disabled and young children, prevent unwanted pregnancies, and avoid communicable diseases to mention only but a few.

Compulsory Health Insurance Schemes

We will not pursue a blanket free health care services for every Nigerian. This is unsustainable in our current economic clime, and will probably be in decades to come. I however propose a universal health care insurance scheme for all Nigerians.

Nigerians who are too indigent to afford any contributions towards the health insurance scheme will be spared the burden of making contributions to the scheme. However, Nigerians who earn more than the minimum wage will be required to pay a percentage of their income towards the scheme. High net worth Nigerians who wish to; may join the scheme at a higher premium, otherwise they may hold private health insurance or remain uninsured if they choose to. In which case, they have to pay for health services in accordance with their specific needs.

Private Health Insurance Schemes

I guarantee that Health care is a fundamental right for every Nigerian! As part of that guarantee, my administration will not place barriers to private businesses which propose to join the health insurance business. Health care costs are very high, so comprehensive health insurance will help many Nigerians irrespective of their status and locality.

We will experiment with private health insurance plans proposed by investors so as to determine what universal health care system best suits our circumstances in Nigeria. We will aim to ensure health insurance is available to every person, in every corner whatever their level of income.