I believe that food is a fundamental right of every Nigerian. We must ensure self-sufficiency in food production in Nigeria, to guarantee our food security as a nation.


Agriculture in Nigeria is still viewed by many as the option to consider for our rural and uneducated communities or for when we retire. Indeed, Agriculture involves small scale planting of food crops, raising domestic animals for consumption, and providing basic raw materials for various industries in our economy, however all this can and should be done on an industrial scale.

My administration will support the next generation of arable and pastoral farmers and ranchers throughout the country. We will provide funding and encourage programs which protect and enhance family farms, local food markets, and regional food systems; however we will also invite investments on a large scale to every manner of agriculture and production of raw materials for use in Nigeria and for export.

We will develop programmes to help our younger generations take on the study of agriculture as a core module. We will actively encourage industrial farming and food processing by offering free to low cost materials, loans and subsidies to businesses in the food production industry which deliver feasible plans for urbanising and exponentially expanding our food production systems in Nigeria.

Portable Water

Nigeria is indeed the most populous country in Africa and her population increases rapidly. Over the years, poor governance and corruption have led to years of water shortages in every part of our country.

Our children are dying of cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases. Constant water supply and availability of piped water is considered a luxury in most parts of our country. The few facilities for the production and distribution of portable water available to us, have not been improved in the six decades of our independence.

We will allocate resources to the improvement of facilities for distilling and distributing portable piped water to every part of Nigeria including the rural communities. We will work closely with organisations which have significantly improved the condition in more remote communities, follow and expand their solutions so as to improve on the production and distribution of portable water to every household and community in Nigeria.